PCUltraSpeed 3.2 offers smart cookie scan, manage start up and automatic updates features

Energetic Software introduces PCUltraSpeed 3.2, building on its strength in computer performance management and cleanup.

Offering a better way to manage and improve performance of Windows PC PCUltraSpeed 3.2 includes following features:

Manage Startup - Now includes recommendations and descriptions for some of the most common startup programs making it easier for users to decide which programs to keep and which programs to remove. With this new version users can remove a program from startup but then restore it later if they change their mind and discover that they liked having that program in their startup menu. Programs can be restored unless the user chooses to permanently delete them. (The new program descriptions would only be available in the English Version - other language versions would have the recommendations but not the descriptions).

Smart Cookie Scan - Automatically excludes cookies which might contain login or password information from popular sites including but not limited to the following: Google, Gmail, Yahoo, Live, AOL, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft etc.

Automatic Updates - The program checks once a week to ensure the user is always running the most current version of the software. If an update is an available the user will be notified and can immediately start taking advantage of the latest version.

Additional Program Enhancements include: