PC Ultra Speed FAQ

PC Ultra Speed Frequently Asked Questions

1. I purchased PC Ultra Speed but am being returned to the website to purchase the product again.

Resolution: Please activate PC Ultra Speed:

1. Open PC Ultra Speed

2. Click on the About tab

3. Click on Register

4. Enter name where indicated

5. Enter the license key received via email

6. Click register

7. Restart PC Ultra Speed

2. License key provided will not activate the product.

Resolution: Make sure you are entering your correct license key. Receipt numbers are sometimes mistaken for license keys. Please re-check your order information email for your correct license key.

The correct license key format for PC Ultra Speed:

XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (four series of four characters)

3. Program did not install correctly (or not working properly).

Resolution: Please uninstall and reinstall PC Ultra Speed:

1. Uninstall - instructions:

a. Close PC Ultra Speed (if open)

b. Click Start > Programs > PC Ultra Speed

c. Click 'Uninstall PC Ultra Speed'

d. Click 'Yes' to continue with Uninstall and 'OK' when complete

e. Click Start > Programs > PC Ultra Speed

f. Click 'Remove PC Ultra Speed'

g. Click 'OK'

2. Reinstall - download location:


3. Please contact Technical Support if a new license key is required.