Getting necessary drivers for your computer.

It is very frequent when computer gets shipped to you without all necessary drivers installed. For example you get a PC with latest NVidia video card but notice that it doesn't handle screen resolutions it is supposed to handle or just works too slow to be true. Or you get nice printer with integrated scanner which you connect to your PC and only see printer while scanner is missing.

Most of these errors could be easily fixed by downloading and installing correct drivers. But finding out which drivers you need could be quite tricky.

The simplest case is when Windows Operating System is able to find drivers on itself. In this case you will see an icon in the tray notifying you that Windows is installing drivers for the device it found. It may take some time for it to download it and install but after its done you device should start working. If it doesn't happen you need to find driver either on the internet or on the CD disk provided with device.

Your network drivers are typically installed by Windows OS automatically. But sometimes you will still need to get drivers downloaded for your network devices. For router setup instructions check

If Windows wasn't able to install a driver for your device you need to find a CD which was shipped with a device. If such CD is available try to insert it into your computer and see if driver will start installing automatically. If not you need to open CD contents in the Windows Explorer and click setup.exe (if manual is available for your device you will find more precise instructions there).

If you cannot find a CD with driver for the device internet is your last resort. You can use Google or Bing or Yahoo to find the device driver by typing device name and adding "driver" to it but it may not be the safest way. The best way is actually to go to the website of the company which manufactured the device and try to find the device driver there. Usually it is available in the support section of the site.

Alternatively there are several applications available on the market which try to scan your computer for missing drivers and update them automatically. Try to select best of breed from such applications since they perform the best only when their database is updated frequently enough.